There Are More Important Things Than Money

by Matt Jones, CPA

There are many, many things more important in the world than money. (Acknowledging that it may be surprising to hear me say that given the title of this website.)

Yes, I encourage tracking Net Worth, creating budgets, and investing to improve financial wellbeing. But this is only a small part of where our attention can and should be focused. Family, faith, friends, physical/mental health, equality, liberty and justice are life’s priorities and only when those are in focus should we add financial gain to the list

Financial wellbeing can support many of these priorities: providing for your growing family or ailing parents, taking care of your own health, or perhaps finding a cause you want to support such as the arts, the disadvantaged, fighting injustice, education, or wherever your passions lie. 

My original goal through this website was to provide readers with the practical education that would have helped me dodge many mistakes made as a young professional. However, I recognize that I write through a lens privileged by my background.  

While my goal remains the same, I hope to showcase myriad perspectives and am highly interested in connecting further with you, your family or friends to help me deepen my content and broaden the audience to which it applies. I admit to being one of the people finding both discomfort and clarity through the action and inaction of the last week and hope to be one less indifferent to it. 

Hoping your families are safe, healthy, and actively fighting injustice.  It’s going to take all of us.


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