by Matt Jones, CPA

Who am I? A thirty-something CPA living in the city with my wife. I began my career in public accounting, escaped after a few years and maintain an active CPA license. I’ve tracked Net Worth since 2014 and it’s been the single biggest contributor to my financial progress.

Why me? I’ve dealt with student loans; buying, renting and selling multiple properties; starting several businesses and preparing taxes for myself and others; negotiating an increased salary offer (successfully!); achieving an 800+ credit score; earning enough credit card points to pay for my honeymoon (in Thailand and Bali); joining two non-profit boards; and coming in under budget for my wedding; to name a few.

I enjoy helping people, sharing my thoughts and tips, and learning new things myself. I have a day job and investments, this website is just for fun. There are a few ways I could get a referral fee, but only if it doesn’t impact the price you pay, like books from Amazon, refinancing your student loans, or improving your LinkedIn profile. This prevents advertising on the site. I don’t share/sell your information. I’m not a financial advisor, full disclosure here.

Why did I create this website? I love helping others. Or maybe it was because I broke my shoulder.

Feel free to ask a question. I’m open to connecting, presenting to groups, moderating panels and interviews.


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